Thursday, October 4, 2012

New Story with Picture

I found this picture on the internet and it inspired a story. Hope you all enjoy it.

Stop at the Adult Motel

By Larry Kephart October 4, 2012

My Nephew Matt was going to college in another state. As a favor to his single mother, I volunteered to drive him there on my truck route. They could not afford airfare as well as the tuition and I was always close with them both. I had no other family, as my wife died years ago and we never had children. We had been on the road for nearly fourteen hours, with only pit stops for food and relieving our bladders.

My eyes were getting blurry and I decided to stop at the next motel I saw for the night. It was an adult motel with free porn in each room. Just right for college kids to get their juices all worked up. I was not going to drive any further, so decided to stop there anyway. We got a room, and it was cheap enough, but the bed was comfortable and the place was clean. Matt headed for the shower as I cracked open a beer and checked out the selections on the TV channels.

I had seen so much straight porn that it didn’t seem to turn me on much anymore. It only made me miss my wife and get depressed, so I kept flipping the channels. Well, one channel had some guys going at it and it got me hard instantly for some reason. I guess it was a novelty for me. I had heard of other truckers getting it on with each other at the truck stops, but never explored that avenue. I forgot that Matt was in the bathroom and got self absorbed with stroking my big hard on watching the guys fucking. He was old enough to know about sex stuff and I just assumed he had been having sex with his girl friends in High School. He was just a little over eighteen, as I was at his birthday party months before. The door opened and there he was in his underwear, staring at me and my stiff pole. “Uncle Jeff! What’s going on?” Matt asked. I never took my eyes off the screen but said, “You gotta learn some time boy. This is porn, I’m horny and I’m going to get my rocks off. You can join me and have some fun or sit in the bathroom until I’m done unloading.”

Matt hesitated at the door saying, “But those are guys fucking. Are you into guys Uncle Jeff?” I looked over and saw the lump in Matt’s jockey shorts and explained, “No, I’ve never done anything like that, but have heard about it. I have only screwed pussy, but this is turning me on something fierce. Looks like you are turned on too Matt.” I patted the mattress beside me, offering Matt a spot next to me on the queen size bed. Matt gulped a couple of times from fright, looking from me to the screen and back, then slowly sat next to me.

“Take off them undies and get comfortable. You’re a man now. Let me see how much you have grown since you were a kid.” I instructed. I could tell Matt was almost as big as me in the cock department by the outline in his shorts. He wasn’t as thick yet, but he was long and smooth and rock hard. Matt got up and stripped. He had a nice physique for a young man as he peeled his undershirt off. His jockeys were next and his pole slammed into his belly with a POP. His ass was smooth and round as the guys on the screen. I suddenly wanted to lick his crack.

“Looks like you want to experiment like I do. Let me feel your cock, son.” I offered. I handed him the bottle of beer to give him courage, and he took a big swig of it. Matt then said, “Uncle Jim, I’m scared. What if I turn queer or something?” I put my hand on his thigh and told him, “Don’t worry your pretty little head about anything. If you are queer, you already know it. I will love you regardless of what you and I do tonight.” I then took his dick in my hand and stroked it lightly, sending shivers through my nephew. He moaned with delight as I bent over to bite and suck on his nipple.

Matt put his hand on my head and stroked my hair saying, “Oh Uncle! That feels so nice.” I chewed on his right side for a while and then climbed on top of him to get to the left side, stroking his hot cock all the while. Matt was ripe and shot all over my stomach and his. I kept on rubbing him, stimulating the nerves beyond his threshold. He begged me to stop, but I knew he wanted more. I brought my sticky, jizz covered hand to his lips and fed him his own seed.

I was also curious and tasted some of it also. I kissed Matt, sharing his load with my tongue and his. Matt was panting with post orgasm hyperventilation. My head went down to his cock and sucked on the still stiff pole, gathering as much of the tasty cum as I could. Matt was almost screaming in a silent mode, thrashing his head from side to side from the sensitivity of the still alive nerves. I licked his soft fuzzy ball sack, taking one and then both into my mouth, sucking and licking them as I had seen in the video. His freshly bathed scent got to me and I pulled his legs up to get to his pucker. I had only licked my wife’s asshole before, and Matt’s was just as sweet and hairless.

I tongued deeply into Matt, letting his moans let me know he was enjoying the ride. I swabbed the whole area, slapping the round melon buns as I licked away. I stopped briefly to ask Matt, “Can I fuck you son?” His reply was, “You can do anything you want with me Uncle Jeff. Just take it slow, ‘cause I have never done this before.” I was dripping pre-cum like crazy and got on my knees in position. I looked into Matt’s eyes and said, “Take a deep breath and push out like you are taking a crap and it won’t hurt as much.” Matt nodded, took a deep breath and I saw the pucker expand. I placed the slick tip against his hole and pushed in slowly, keeping an eye on Matt’s face. He nodded to go ahead and I eased into the tight virgin hole. We both grunted loudly as my sizeable cock expanded his shit chute.

I paused to let Matt adjust to my girth before pushing all the way in. I could feel my hairy balls slapping against his backside as I pumped in and out slowly, building up speed. Matt was making grimacing faces as we began, but they relaxed into smiles and grins of pleasure. He was enjoying his first fuck! Matt reached up and twisted my nipples, sending an electrical surge through my cock. I never knew my nipples were so sexually sensitive. I even felt a twinge go through my own asshole as I fucked my nephew. Maybe I needed to get fucked next. What a crazy thought!

I was so horny that it didn’t take long for me to dump a big load into Matt’s ass. I kept on pumping until I was sure my balls were completely drained. I braced myself on my arms so I did not break Matt’s back as I collapsed on top of him. We kissed deeply as I softened a bit. Matt’s moans through the kisses told me he enjoyed the queer sex a lot. I finally got up and pulled out with a sloppy sucking sound. My cum was flowing like a river from Matt’s hole. I stumbled to the bathroom and got a towel to clean us both off. Matt jumped up as soon as I wiped him off and ran to the bathroom. “I gotta take a dump real bad Uncle!” He said as he went.

I followed him into the bathroom to finish cleaning up with a washcloth, and to make sure Matt was all right. He sat on the toilet and purged his guts out, grunting as he did so. I’m sure he was embarrassed that I was in there with him, but I put my hand on his shoulder to let him know it was okay. Suddenly Matt reached out and grabbed my cock, pulling me to him. “I want to try sucking on your big cock Uncle Jeff. I wanted to since I first saw you from the doorway a little while ago.” Matt said boldly. How could I refuse such a request? I stood in front of him, both hands on his shoulders as he took me into his mouth, sucking as much as he could. His lips crept closer and closer to my pubic hairs until I could feel the tip at the back of his throat.

If he had never done this before, he was a natural at it. He somehow knew how to keep his teeth from scraping my shaft as he sucked me. Hit mouth and lips were velvety and strong. His jaw opened to accommodate the pressure, and it didn’t hurt that he was really cute while looking down at him performing his service to me. I came hard down his throat, and he swallowed every bit. He smiled as he looked back up at me, knowing that we both would never be the same. I had a new point of view on sex, and Matt had confirmed that he was indeed a gay man, and would always love his Uncle Jeff whenever he came to visit him in college.


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  1. Hey gang, it’s a real page turner, huh? LOL. This is part four of things leading up to my summer vacation. This is a long winded story and will come in bite size morsels. You need to know where I’ve been to see where I went. As always, I’m intentionally leaving the explicit stuff out.
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