Thursday, October 4, 2012

New Story with Picture

I found this picture on the internet and it inspired a story. Hope you all enjoy it.

Stop at the Adult Motel

By Larry Kephart October 4, 2012

My Nephew Matt was going to college in another state. As a favor to his single mother, I volunteered to drive him there on my truck route. They could not afford airfare as well as the tuition and I was always close with them both. I had no other family, as my wife died years ago and we never had children. We had been on the road for nearly fourteen hours, with only pit stops for food and relieving our bladders.

My eyes were getting blurry and I decided to stop at the next motel I saw for the night. It was an adult motel with free porn in each room. Just right for college kids to get their juices all worked up. I was not going to drive any further, so decided to stop there anyway. We got a room, and it was cheap enough, but the bed was comfortable and the place was clean. Matt headed for the shower as I cracked open a beer and checked out the selections on the TV channels.

I had seen so much straight porn that it didn’t seem to turn me on much anymore. It only made me miss my wife and get depressed, so I kept flipping the channels. Well, one channel had some guys going at it and it got me hard instantly for some reason. I guess it was a novelty for me. I had heard of other truckers getting it on with each other at the truck stops, but never explored that avenue. I forgot that Matt was in the bathroom and got self absorbed with stroking my big hard on watching the guys fucking. He was old enough to know about sex stuff and I just assumed he had been having sex with his girl friends in High School. He was just a little over eighteen, as I was at his birthday party months before. The door opened and there he was in his underwear, staring at me and my stiff pole. “Uncle Jeff! What’s going on?” Matt asked. I never took my eyes off the screen but said, “You gotta learn some time boy. This is porn, I’m horny and I’m going to get my rocks off. You can join me and have some fun or sit in the bathroom until I’m done unloading.”

Matt hesitated at the door saying, “But those are guys fucking. Are you into guys Uncle Jeff?” I looked over and saw the lump in Matt’s jockey shorts and explained, “No, I’ve never done anything like that, but have heard about it. I have only screwed pussy, but this is turning me on something fierce. Looks like you are turned on too Matt.” I patted the mattress beside me, offering Matt a spot next to me on the queen size bed. Matt gulped a couple of times from fright, looking from me to the screen and back, then slowly sat next to me.

“Take off them undies and get comfortable. You’re a man now. Let me see how much you have grown since you were a kid.” I instructed. I could tell Matt was almost as big as me in the cock department by the outline in his shorts. He wasn’t as thick yet, but he was long and smooth and rock hard. Matt got up and stripped. He had a nice physique for a young man as he peeled his undershirt off. His jockeys were next and his pole slammed into his belly with a POP. His ass was smooth and round as the guys on the screen. I suddenly wanted to lick his crack.

“Looks like you want to experiment like I do. Let me feel your cock, son.” I offered. I handed him the bottle of beer to give him courage, and he took a big swig of it. Matt then said, “Uncle Jim, I’m scared. What if I turn queer or something?” I put my hand on his thigh and told him, “Don’t worry your pretty little head about anything. If you are queer, you already know it. I will love you regardless of what you and I do tonight.” I then took his dick in my hand and stroked it lightly, sending shivers through my nephew. He moaned with delight as I bent over to bite and suck on his nipple.

Matt put his hand on my head and stroked my hair saying, “Oh Uncle! That feels so nice.” I chewed on his right side for a while and then climbed on top of him to get to the left side, stroking his hot cock all the while. Matt was ripe and shot all over my stomach and his. I kept on rubbing him, stimulating the nerves beyond his threshold. He begged me to stop, but I knew he wanted more. I brought my sticky, jizz covered hand to his lips and fed him his own seed.

I was also curious and tasted some of it also. I kissed Matt, sharing his load with my tongue and his. Matt was panting with post orgasm hyperventilation. My head went down to his cock and sucked on the still stiff pole, gathering as much of the tasty cum as I could. Matt was almost screaming in a silent mode, thrashing his head from side to side from the sensitivity of the still alive nerves. I licked his soft fuzzy ball sack, taking one and then both into my mouth, sucking and licking them as I had seen in the video. His freshly bathed scent got to me and I pulled his legs up to get to his pucker. I had only licked my wife’s asshole before, and Matt’s was just as sweet and hairless.

I tongued deeply into Matt, letting his moans let me know he was enjoying the ride. I swabbed the whole area, slapping the round melon buns as I licked away. I stopped briefly to ask Matt, “Can I fuck you son?” His reply was, “You can do anything you want with me Uncle Jeff. Just take it slow, ‘cause I have never done this before.” I was dripping pre-cum like crazy and got on my knees in position. I looked into Matt’s eyes and said, “Take a deep breath and push out like you are taking a crap and it won’t hurt as much.” Matt nodded, took a deep breath and I saw the pucker expand. I placed the slick tip against his hole and pushed in slowly, keeping an eye on Matt’s face. He nodded to go ahead and I eased into the tight virgin hole. We both grunted loudly as my sizeable cock expanded his shit chute.

I paused to let Matt adjust to my girth before pushing all the way in. I could feel my hairy balls slapping against his backside as I pumped in and out slowly, building up speed. Matt was making grimacing faces as we began, but they relaxed into smiles and grins of pleasure. He was enjoying his first fuck! Matt reached up and twisted my nipples, sending an electrical surge through my cock. I never knew my nipples were so sexually sensitive. I even felt a twinge go through my own asshole as I fucked my nephew. Maybe I needed to get fucked next. What a crazy thought!

I was so horny that it didn’t take long for me to dump a big load into Matt’s ass. I kept on pumping until I was sure my balls were completely drained. I braced myself on my arms so I did not break Matt’s back as I collapsed on top of him. We kissed deeply as I softened a bit. Matt’s moans through the kisses told me he enjoyed the queer sex a lot. I finally got up and pulled out with a sloppy sucking sound. My cum was flowing like a river from Matt’s hole. I stumbled to the bathroom and got a towel to clean us both off. Matt jumped up as soon as I wiped him off and ran to the bathroom. “I gotta take a dump real bad Uncle!” He said as he went.

I followed him into the bathroom to finish cleaning up with a washcloth, and to make sure Matt was all right. He sat on the toilet and purged his guts out, grunting as he did so. I’m sure he was embarrassed that I was in there with him, but I put my hand on his shoulder to let him know it was okay. Suddenly Matt reached out and grabbed my cock, pulling me to him. “I want to try sucking on your big cock Uncle Jeff. I wanted to since I first saw you from the doorway a little while ago.” Matt said boldly. How could I refuse such a request? I stood in front of him, both hands on his shoulders as he took me into his mouth, sucking as much as he could. His lips crept closer and closer to my pubic hairs until I could feel the tip at the back of his throat.

If he had never done this before, he was a natural at it. He somehow knew how to keep his teeth from scraping my shaft as he sucked me. Hit mouth and lips were velvety and strong. His jaw opened to accommodate the pressure, and it didn’t hurt that he was really cute while looking down at him performing his service to me. I came hard down his throat, and he swallowed every bit. He smiled as he looked back up at me, knowing that we both would never be the same. I had a new point of view on sex, and Matt had confirmed that he was indeed a gay man, and would always love his Uncle Jeff whenever he came to visit him in college.


Sunday, June 3, 2012


By Larry C. Kephart

Begun September 19, 2006

There was a knock at my office door. Come in. I said. It was the Floor Foreman, Sam Reynolds. Sir, its about that new kid on the production line, Ron Lovell. What about him, Reynolds? I asked. Well, at first he caught on to the work really well, and has been keeping up with and even surpassing the older employees in quotas. He reported. Lately he has been slowing down and looking really agitated and nervous. He told me he has been having some personal problems at home. He continued. I told him that his personal problems should not follow him into the workplace. The Foreman concluded.

            Send him to my office, Reynolds. Ill find out whats going on with him. I used to be a teen counselor in my college days. I stated. A few minutes later, a soft knock on my door announced the young man. Enter. I called out. You wanted to see me, Sir? The young man said sheepishly as he eased in the room. Have a seat, Mr. Lovell. I said matter of factly, without looking up from my papers. Id rather stand, if you dont mind, Sir. His voice cracked as he spoke. Okay. Whats been lowering your production quotas? I asked as I looked up at the young man. He was standing behind the high-backed chair, with his hands folded on the top. His forehead was creased with worry and fright. I hear youve got some personal problems at home. I said before he had a chance to respond.

            Well, Sir, its really personal and I cant really reveal it here. He said nervously.

You know you are still in your six month probation period. If you want to keep you job get it out of your system and do it quick. I said with authority. Now, sit down! I insisted. Yes, Sir! He said as he moved around the chair and plopped down. Ow! He cried out. Sorry, Sir. I told you its real personal. I have an awful stiff member and cant get any relief. He confessed. No sex at home? Why not? Your wife got a permanent headache? I pumped him. Im not married, Sir. He lowered his head as he answered. Your girlfriend mad at ya? I probed. No, Sir. No girlfriend either. He said with a tremble in his lips.

            Well, cant you just masturbate? I inquired. I tried that often at home, but it doesnt help. I need more than that, Sir. He said with tears forming in his eyes. He looked so innocent and pure. He was like a child who had spilled some milk and knew his parents would be mad at him. His face was moist with beads of sweat. His brown eyes were cast downward as his light brown hair fell across them. His cheeks were flushed and pink. He was really adorable and handsome at the same time. His skin was a medium tan color like a surfer kid. He had an average build, but his muscles stretched his shirt like it was a size too small. His breathing was ragged and his chest heaved with worry.

            What did you do before this problem arose? (I chuckled.) Sorry about that! I apologized. Well, Sir, that is the problem. My boyfriend always gave me head. He sobbed. He left me for a big black stud about a week ago. I cant get an orgasm without his hot mouth on it. He blurted out. He was so talented with his lips. He said as he wiped his eyes. I called my secretary on the intercom, Margaret, please hold all my calls, Ill be in a conference for a while. I grabbed some tissues from my desk and handed them to the troubled young man as I locked the door.

            As I sat back down behind my desk, I asked Ron to show me his problem. His head rose slowly as he stared at me in disbelief. You want to see my cock? He asked as if it were an impossible task. Yes! Come on around next to me. I want to get at the root of the problem, quickly. I said in a business-like tone. Ron slowly raised himself from the chair and limped the few feet to my side. His boner was rock-hard and pushed his pant leg forward obscenely. When Ron was near me, I placed my hands on his belt buckle. His hands quickly covered mine. His eyes pleaded for me not to go further.

            It has to be done, to save your job. Dont you see? I was once young as you are now! I explained. His hands fell to his side as I unbuckled the belt. Ron closed his eyes as I unfastened the snap and lowered the zipper. It was difficult getting the pants down over the jutting boner. He had a bikini cut swimsuit with a very prominent pouch. It was filled with plum sized balls that rose and fell with each heartbeat. His cock was sticking out the left leg opening, but was tight against his abdomen. It was leaking pre-cum like a fountain. I grabbed it gently and pulled it away from his body. He moaned out loud.

            I caught the dribbling stream on my tongue before it fell onto the floor. Oh, Mister Silvan! Ron sighed. He grabbed my head and eased it towards his aching member. My mouth was ready. I took the entire eleven inches down my throat in one thrust forward. It was a thick one, stretching my orifice to the limit. I used my tongue as best I could to tickle the underside back and forth. I eased off the log a few inches then used my Hoover action to bring it back in. His crotch hairs tickled my nose as I twisted from side to side, maximizing the stimulations. In and out, side to side, suck and release!

            Ron only lasted a couple of minutes before he blasted my tongue and throat with a thick river of salty and sweet treasure. He squealed in his orgasm and held my head on his exploding shaft. I swallowed hard and fast. He had a lot to give and I wasnt going to let it get wasted. He literally collapsed on top of my back, exhausted. When he recovered his strength, he stood and slowly withdrew his spent cock from my ravished lips. He was about to pull up his pants, when I stopped him. This conference has not concluded yet! I said as I wiped my mouth with my sleeve. I reached over and felt the weight of his balls. These are still ripe and full. I explained. You need more therapy to get full relief of your problem. I counseled.

            I called Margaret on the horn and had her send Sam in to our conference. I let Sam in and relocked the door. I told him of the employees progress, so far. Sam gave him a glance and went over to where he was still standing.

            Ron looked a little stunned as Sam began to undress in front of him. Sam was a big man. He was authoritative and strong as a lumberjack. His muscles were huge, but well proportioned. Not like those body builders who pop every vein at competition. His body was mostly hairless, except for the middle of his chest, his pits and crotch areas. His hair was jet black and cropped close to his head. He had a little curl on the side of his forehead. His nose was broken in an accident and bent to the right a bit. His face was very handsome, like a cross between Cary Grant and the young Elvis. He had a thin moustache gracing his upper lip. His hands were large and sprinkled with black hairs. They went down to his flaccid ten incher. It wasnt flaccid for long.

            Sam went over to Ron and fell to his knees in front of the lad. He cupped Rons orbs in his grip and squeezed them lightly. Ron squirmed and moaned as his cock started to swell to rigidity once again. Sam engulfed Rons dick as I had. He went full to the root in one swift movement. While Sam is attending to your main problem, is there anything else your ex did to help you reach orgasm? I asked Ron. Well, he usually fucked me a lot after sucking me. Ron confessed again. I had a feeling that might be the situation. I told him as I took off my tie. I quickly got out of the rest of my clothing and revealed my own body to Ron. He let out a deep sigh as he beheld his boss in the buff.

            I stand well over six feet tall and am packed with muscles from working out each night at the gym. My abs are slim and ribbed with knots and valleys. My butt is full and round, but not flabby. My legs are thick and strong to support my nine and a half inch, log jammer. My sack contains two tennis balls, loaded with juice. I am a fucking machine. My cock is wet from anticipation as I slip on the oversized condom from my desk. I grab the canister of lube and move behind Ron.

            I spread some lube on his tight hole as he whimpers and bends over Sam. Ron supports himself on the edge of my desk as I stick my digits in to loosen him up. One, two and then three fingers go in. I would try for four, but my dick is ready to fire off any minute. I warn Ron to hold tight.  I position the head on his opening and shove forward. Ron bites his lip as he muffled his cries. I hit home! Ron is stretched wide, but satisfied by the pummeling I am giving. He is gasping for breath as Sam sucks the second load out of his man-sack. I hug Rons chest with my large forearms and nuzzle his neck with kisses. My abs are getting their workout early as I thrust forward and back in Rons ass.

            I am coming! I say as I withdraw and remove the rubber. Sam immediately takes my cock in his maw and receives my cream. There is a lot, and some dribbles from the side of his mouth. Sam lets my cock go and stands. He grabs Ron by the arms and gives him a big kiss, passing the mix of cums into his mouth. Then I wrap my arms around the both of them and let my tongue mix with their kissing. Men! This conference is only in the first stage. I stated. We will continue tomorrow at the same time. Now, we have quotas to fill, so back to work. I commanded.

Ron is now a much happier and more productive employee. Mr. Reynolds and I have a daily conference and I have a new plaque on my wall stating: There Is Always Time For Employee Relief.


By Larry C. Kephart

Begun September 7, 2006

The Sheriff reported to me, The young man will not come out of the house. He has barricaded himself inside, and threatens to shoot anyone that comes near. He added, We cannot even serve the eviction papers unless we hand them to him in person. The young man had lost his father eight months ago, and the government was seizing the land for unpaid taxes. It was a shambles of a shack, but it was the only home the boy had known. It was in a lonesome valley in the wilds of Virginia. I heard the young man shout, Daddy sed this is our land fer ever! There was a standoff for three days prior.

I was the Federal Negotiator on this case, and had just arrived from Washington. I told the Sheriff and others to go away and leave the serving of papers to me. I thought that if I got to talk alone with the distraught youth I could gain his trust. I was well trained in the psychology of stressed individuals. When the others had left, I called out to the hillbilly boy, Jebenezer Kellerman! I am alone and want to talk with you about your situation. Please speak with me! Several minutes passed and then I heard a loud voice saying, Who the hell are you and why do you want to take my land?

I held up my government identification and badge and said, “I am Deputy James Platt, a representative of the President. I took a step forward saying, I am here to help you find a new home and life. Jebenezer warned, Dont cum eny closer or Ill shoot ya! I saw the barrel of a rifle sticking out through a broken window. I halted. I pleaded with Jebenezer, How can I prove that I am not here to harm you? I just want to talk with you for a while. I added, I have sent all the other people away so that we could be alone. Please give me a chance.

Jebenezer thought about it for a minute and called out, “You gotta take off all yur clothes and come up real slow, sos I kin check you aint got no wepuns on ya. What was I to do? I had to comply. Nobody was around to see me, so I stripped and put all my things in my car. With my hands held up with my palms open, I told Jebenezer, I have done what you have asked. Can we talk now? The boy had me turn completely around. He then had me come forward to about twenty feet of the porch and stop. He then had me face away and bend over. I was to spread my butt cheeks so that he could see I had nothing hidden in my asshole.

Gud enuf, stranger. Cum up to the door real slow. I got my gun sights on ya. He warned. I proceeded slowly with my hands in plain sight, palms open. I was at his mercy, but I had to get in to talk. Jebenezer opened the door with his left hand. The rifle was held under his right arm with his hand on the trigger. The danger of having his gun barrel pointed at my chest was exciting me.  Being naked was also turning me on, because of the feel of air on my skin. I entered the shack.

Jebenezer told me to sit on the chair in the middle of the small room. There was a crude rope, which he instructed me to bind my feet with. Tie them tight to the legs of the char! An‘ no tricks Mr. Goverment man.” He said firmly. I did as I was told. Now put yer hands behind ya and dont move a muscle. He warned as he moved behind me. His hands were quick to tie mine to the back of the chair. Jebenezer peeked out the window to make sure there were no others sneaking back on his land. He finally relaxed a bit and said; Now we kin talk, mister.

I explained that I knew that his father had died and that I was sorry about that. I told the young man that there were property taxes to be paid for over twenty years. The government wanted to get paid, or had to take the property away. Jebenezer broke down and cried, I dont know whut ta do. Im all alone here an dont have no edacation. All I have is this shack and some farm animals to keep me fed. I had to tell the young man, Jebenezer, you dont have any animals. The Sheriff took them away to auction this morning. I am so sorry for you. Jebenezer just looked at me with tears in his young red face and cried, But Daddy sed this land was promisd to be ours fer ever! Why wud he lie to me?

It was hard to be a negotiator with this poor pitiful youth in front of me, sobbing his heart out. I tried to calm him with my voice, Please understand. I am here to help you as much as I can.  I could not physically comfort him, with my hands tied securely. The youth laid his rifle down on the floor and fell to his knees in front of me. He clasped his arms around my neck and blubbered into my ear. He cried, If only Daddy hadnt died. He would kno wut ta do! Jebenezer smelled of dust and sweat, but not a dirty smell. His shabby coveralls were clean and were a bit rough on my city skin. His stringy hair was black as coal, but fresh as the wheat. His teary eyes were a golden brown with long eyelashes catching the droplets like dew. His trembling lips were rubbing my cheek as he told me how much he missed his daddy.

After he had calmed down, Jebenezer told me how his daddy had raised him all alone in that shack. Momma had died two years after I was born, so I didnt kno her at all. He chattered at me as if he were starved for company. Daddy an me wus always tagethur since I cud remembr. We worked the farm and et at this table. We slept in this bed evry night. Daddy liked to cuddle me up sumpn fierce. I miss his warmth and rough beard on my back. He said he luvd me more than eny one, even Momma. When he finally dried the crusting tears out of is eyes, he got a good look at me.

Mister! He stated, You cud be tha spittin image of my daddy. Jebenezer was dumbfounded by the realization. I was bigger than the young man by about four inches. I had a good build from working out at the government gymnasium. I had dark brown hair and green eyes and a broken nose from my football days in college. Even so, I was no slouch in the looks department. I sort of looked like the Dick Tracy character in the comics, sans the hat and wrist radio. My lips were on the thin side, but redder than my pale skin.

Jebenezers proximity was giving me an extra pound or two of flesh in my groin area. It poked the youth in the arm. He took notice of it and grabbed my slab of beef in his palm. Jebenezer was starting to get used to my presence. He asked me if I would corn-hole him like his daddy used to do. He did not wait for an answer. He stood and un-snapped the fastener on his coveralls. Only one was holding the garment on his body. It dropped to the floor in an instant.

Jebenezer was totally naked underneath his coveralls. His cock was near horse size, as he just straddled my lap and sank onto my shaft. He was facing me, and kissed my open mouth. I was stunned by his overt actions, but could not resist them. I took his tongue into mine and wrestled his mouth muscle with my own. My dick was embedded in his ass like it had been made to fit precisely. It was warm and tight. When he started to grind around, my cock swelled even more. His hands were busy twisting my nipples with his calloused hands. They added to my passions as he started to rise and fall on my now, fully engorged dick.

I pleaded with Jebenezer to untie my hands, so I could return the stimulation he was giving me. He said, Please call me Jeben. That was what my daddy always called me. He then reached around my body and untied the knots. The blood returning to my digits made them tingle. I reached up and felt the muscular ribs of my young man. They were tight from the farm work.  He was very lean, but had a well defined chest and set of arms to die for. His waist was slim and spread out to a plump set of glutes. His legs were like iron. They were very strong and raised him easily from my cock, then letting him down with graceful precision. His ass muscles gripped me as he rode my pulsing shaft.

I asked Jeben to consider me his new daddy. I would take care of him from now on, like his father would have. He gave me another passionate kiss and said, Yes, Daddy! I think I love you as much. Jeben quickly untied my feet, and we went, hand in hand, to his only bed. I asked Jeben if he had ever corn holed his daddy? Jeben said that he wasnt able to until he was at least twelve. Then he could get as hard as his daddy wanted.

He went to the kitchen area and brought a can of chicken grease. Jeben said that because he had grown such a big cock, we would need a lot of grease to get in my hole. He bent me over the bed and spread a lot of the grease on and around my anus. He then took a big gob and slickened his cock from tip to base. The horse-cocked youth then said, Hold on tight and take a deep breath! Im comin in! I had to bite my lip to keep from screaming in pain. He was huge! I had had many cocks in my ass, but never one so big as this.

Jeben was a rutting bull, bent on only one thing, to cum and cum hard. He plowed me like virgin soil. Breaking the ground into clumps, then into smaller, fertile bits. I finally got used to his size. My anus had calmed down and was now sucking in the large beast with a hunger. My ass was cock-crazy and had to have Jeben from now on. The bed was swaying with each thrust. The ratty blanket was shredding under my own shaft.

I was about to blow, when Jeben tensed. He let loose with the biggest blast I have ever felt. His cum was hot. It hit my prostate and sent me into an ultra-orgasm. I definitely soiled the soiled blanket with my starch. Jeben collapsed on top of me, with his still engorged cock up my ass. I passed out, face down. When I awoke, Jeben was cleaning my asshole with his tongue. It was a semi-rough texture, but it went deep. He had a talented muscle there, also.

Jeben peeked out the window, just to make sure no one had come back to spy on him. He then quickly fixed us a meal, saying, Corn holin always made Daddy and me hungry. We had some canned beans, dried biscuits and fried eggs. It tasted like a gourmet meal for a starved man. Jeben said that he just couldnt leave his home without a fight.

He had remembered in his youth, that Daddy had said there were some important papers under the bed. Jeben was to take them papers with him, if anything happened to his Daddy. I looked under the bed and found nothing. I asked Jeben if he was sure of what his daddy said. Jeben replied, Im sure as shootin New Daddy! we both pulled the bed away from the wall and turned it over. Nothing was underneath the wooden frame. We pulled the blanket, sheets and mattress off and inspected them. Again, we found nothing. Then, I backed against the wall, and stepped onto some loose floorboards. They cracked under my weight and I almost fell through.

We lifted the boards away and dug into the dirt below. Under about a foot of earth, we came upon a wooden box, sealed with paraffin wax. Jeben and I brushed off the dirt, and carefully opened the box. Inside was more wax, which we removed with our hands. There was a piece of canvas surrounding a tin chest. It was about four inches deep and a foot square. Inside the locked chest we found twenty-one pieces of parchment. The top ones were bonds from the Civil War. Each one was for one hundred dollars.

The last piece was a declaration from President Abraham Lincoln. It proclaimed James Ebenezer Kellerman as a hero of the Union Army. It also stated that in recognition of his bravery, he and his heirs would have this valley in perpetuity from a grateful nation. The bonds were to help finance the Unions efforts at bringing the nation back together. I was in shock.

Jeben really did own this property, and always would. The President had decreed so. I assured Jeben that his worries were over. His land was protected by official decree. I would see to it that the government backed down. These historical documents proved that Jebens ancestor was a great man. Jeben was grateful and hugged me tightly. We were still naked, and started rolling around on the floor in ecstasy.  We set the bed back in place and spent the night celebrating.

By morning, I had forgotten all about the Sheriff and other officials returning. I heard the horn of his car honking me awake. I had no clothes, and so wrapped the torn sheet from the bed around my body. I opened the door and stood there, with Jeben, on the porch. Jeben was not ashamed of his body, and didnt bother to put on his coveralls. I quickly explained to the Sheriff about our discovery of the documents and what it meant. The Sheriff shook his head and led the others back to town. Jeben and I dressed and took the box of documents to the Federal Records Department to verify our discovery.

The decree was verified, and placed into the official registry of Presidential Documents. The land was forever Jebens. No taxes were due, and in addition, past taxes that were paid over the years were refunded. Jeben was rich. The bonds were found to be very rare, but still valid. The interest to be paid on the two thousand dollars amounted to seventy million after compounding. All this was tax-free and paid to Jeben in a special account. Since he had no financial knowledge, he let me protect and disburse his money.

We built a large mansion on the property, with indoor plumbing and everything. Jebens parents and relatives that were interred in the valley were given proper burials with monuments. The Federal Government gave James Ebenezer Kellerman proper recognition with a tall statue.  He and President Lincoln were shaking hands. Jeben was finally able to get an education. He is now writing the memoirs of his Civil War hero, James Ebenezer. We found another box under the floor that had his journal in longhand.

Jeben and I now live together in the mansion. We are very happy. I have a son, and Jeben has his New Daddy. We have a complete staff to maintain the farm, the animals and the mansion. We send them all away with pay when we want to be alone and celebrate in private. We still make love on that same bed, in that same shack that is still in place, just next to the mansion. It is a wonderful life.