Sunday, April 22, 2012


By Larry C. Kephart

Begun August 20, 2006

My name is Terry. Until recently, my nickname was Terry The Terror. This was because my father died when I was just eleven years old. Before that, we used to play ball and go fishing and camping, and other buddy stuff. I was devastated after the funeral, and started not caring about my grades and school, in general. I got mixed up with some of the tough neighborhood kids, who got me to do stupid things. My mother tried to get me under control, but being a working mom, she had little time to guide me very much.

Then came the day when we really blew it big-time. My gang of friends got me to pull the fire alarm at the local mall, just to see what the shoppers would do. We had no idea that the whole shenanigan was caught on video cameras by the mall security. We were all identified, and taken to juvenile court. My mother was humiliated. The judge was very clear that we would not go to the Juvenile Authority, because it was our first conviction, and only if we went on probation with a new program, called Officer Uplift.

I was scared of the Juvenile Authority, as I had heard many stories about other guys who had a living Hell, while incarcerated there. Also, my mother said she would beat me within an inch of my life, if I didnt go along with this new program. I told her and the judge that I would gladly try it.

The program consisted of going to my local Police Station, at an appointed time, where an officer would team up with me, and try to guide me in the right pathway. I was paired with a Captain Woodrow. He was about forty to forty-five years old, with dark brown hair and piercing blue eyes. He was a full head taller than me, and was very muscular, but trim. Some of the bulk in his chest area was probably from the bulletproof vest he had to wear daily. I wasnt too sure if I would like him, or not.

We would meet after school let out, and I would see what his duties were. We went out in his patrol car, and sometimes on a foot-beat. He showed that an officer helps keep the community safe, by helping the citizens in many ways, besides chasing bad guys. When THAT happened, he made sure I was stashed in a safe place, and called in the details to his superiors, while pursuing the suspect(s). I was amazed at his dedication and responsibility to duty. After a couple of weeks, I really respected and liked him a lot.

My probation was up, after six months with officer Woodrow. By then, he had me hooked on becoming a Police Officer. My grades improved so much, that by Graduation, I was on the Honor Roll. He encouraged me to go on to college, before joining the Police Academy. He said I needed to work on my physical strengths and mental powers. He even offered to help me in his off time, with my homework and strength training. Of course, I majored in Police Sciences.

Captain Woodrow had stepped into the shoes of my father. He really got to like me as well and took a personal interest in seeing me succeed in my goals. He literally became my Captain Daddy. I even got the nerve to ask him if I could call him that, instead of Officer or Captain Woodrow. He was really touched that I wanted to have him be like a foster father figure. Captain Daddy it is, he said.

I had really fallen in love with my Captain Daddy, and as I matured into a man, it became evident that there were physical demands that I could no longer ignore. Whenever we worked out in the gym, he would spot me on the weights, and spar with me in the ring. When it came time to try wrestling, I had trouble hiding my true feelings for my Captain Daddy. It was pretty obvious to him, that I got excited when we touched in the wrestling positions. Afterwards, in the showers, he mentioned that I was becoming quite a manly man, myself. He said my muscles were getting as big as his, and the one, in particular, was growing especially well.

I was totally embarrassed, and got an immediate erection. Captain Daddy just smiled, and told me how proud he was of me right now. He reached over and put his hand on my cock, stroking it lightly. I got shudders up and down my spine, and nearly fainted. He held me up in his strong arms and told me it was all right. He whispered in my ear, I love you too. He then kissed me full on the mouth. Fortunately, there were no others in the shower area to see us. We finished showering, dressed and went back to my dorm room.

It was the weekend, and my roommates were out of town, visiting family or just having fun somewhere. Captain Daddy suggested that we get an investigation underway.

He then slowly took off his clothes, and helped me with mine. He sat on the bed, and had me come and sit on his lap. My dick led me right to him, leaking all the way. Captain Daddy is fine for a youngster to call his father figure. he said, From now-on, call me Dad, and I will call you Son. Deal? He tickled my dripping cock-head.

            How could I refuse? I loved him and he loved me. His big hard-on was evidence of that. It was poking me pretty close to my bunghole. I said, Yes, Dad, but may I also call you Sir? He lifted me up with ease and lay me on the bed, saying Permission granted, Son.

He gave me a really passionate kiss, and then started tender kisses down my body to my cock. He took it in his lips and slowly sucked it down his throat. I never knew that kind of exhilaration before. He was like a vacuum cleaner with very strong suction, going up and down my shaft. He brought me close to orgasm, but stopped just short to give me a calm-down, before beginning again.

I wanted to reciprocate, so I asked him if I could move around into a sixty-nine position. He obliged me by spinning around so fast, I thought it was like one of his wrestling moves. Wait! That is where all this began. Did he plot this? I needed to do some more investigating on my own.

I liked my first taste of his cock. I had not even touched it in the showers. It was like heaven. It was thick and long and velvety and so, so hard. I had trouble getting all of his nine inches in my mouth. Forget trying to deep throat it on my first time. I really tried to do a good job, but my inexperience showed. He told me to take my time and get used to the length and thickness. Pull your lower jaw forward, and your throat will open wider. Just remember to breathe on the out stroke. He advised.

We spent the whole weekend getting to know each and every part of each others bodies. We only stopped to get something to eat, shower and use the toilet. By the time my roommates came back, Dad had gone off to his job as a peace officer for the day. He promised to take me on patrol to his apartment, whenever I did not have a lot of studies to work on at night. That was fine with me. We did a lot of investigations together, until I graduated. He was there, along with my mother, to be proud of his Son.

He helped me join the Police Academy, and aided in getting me into the top of my class. I now am his rookie, and patrol the city with him. I even got to move into his place, to save expenses. My mother is very happy that I have chosen a good path, after all.

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