Sunday, April 22, 2012


By Larry C. Kephart

Begun August 30, 2006

            Good morning everyone. Welcome to Proctology 101. I am your instructor, Doctor Handson. Today, we will be examining the anus, the prostate gland and the lower colon. Being medical students, you should know your basic anatomy, and for some reason, you chose to specialize in this area. As you had done in phlebotomy class, you will all be examining each other. If you are shy, you had better get over it now, or just get into another profession. As all eight of you are male, you will not see a female anus today.

            Before you ask, many doctors who specialize in certain parts of the anatomy usually do have a fetish for that area, but they have to control any impulses that may become abusive to their patients. This is probably why many of you have chosen proctology as your area of specialty. You will see many unpleasant conditions in the anus and bowels. Hemorrhoids, cysts, cancer, polyps and just plain shit will be your constant companions in this trade. Because you are all young men, there will be little chance of you experiencing most of those items today. Now you will all strip down completely, except for your nametags. Keep those around your neck, so I can identify you during the lessons.

            If any of you get erections during this class, it will be considered a natural reaction to the visual stimuli of the body. We are all human, and react erotically to our base instincts. When you are working with patients, your medical smocks and coats will cover any embarrassment you may have with them. I often get aroused at the sight of a nice young anus, especially when it pulses and winks at my touch. You have to maintain a professional composure, even though you may be seething with lust inside. Do I make myself clear? If there are no questions, choose a partner, and one half get on the exam tables, and put your feet in the support stirrups. You have been taught how these exam tables operate, so adjust them as you need to get a good look at your partners ass.

            Mr. Johnson, you are quite excited by this already. Do not be ashamed. Everyone else, look at his big boner. We should all wish we were so blessed. It is really a nice plump one. Please note that we will all get to that point, sometime during this class. Remember, if you are being examined now, you will have the opportunity to exact revenge on your examiner when we change positions. So examining student, be gentle and care for your partner, as if you loved them. If you are gay, it will be quite a bit more comfortable for you. If you are not, remember that you will examine many more male patients, because of the prostate. If you think you want to examine more females, you should go to Gynecology school. If anyone wants to quit yet, let me know now. Good. Lets proceed.

            First get a visual look at your partners anus. Does it look healthy? Does it have any unusual marks or growths? Is it symmetrical? Is it leaking any fluid or stool? Now, go to the sinks and wash your hands thoroughly with the anti-bacterial soap. Wash all the way up to your elbows, as you may have to do some deep tissue exams during this lesson. Put on your sterile exam gloves, and take some of the K-Y jelly on your index finger from the cup provided on the equipment tables. My nurse has prepared the equipment set-up, so it has not been contaminated. He is my right hand, when my right hand is deep in my patients. Spread the jelly on your partners anus, and gently slip the finger in about an inch. Feel the warmth. This is a good way to detect a fever. If the bowels are too hot, you have your first clue to a prognosis.

            Next, feel for any bumps, nodules, polyps or cracks in the tissues. You will have to rotate your hand to feel all around, from top to bottom. Is it Mr. Fleishman? You seem to be sweating profusely, and your cock is dripping pre-cum. Way to go! You have a feel for this business. Nurse! Please come in here and take care of this student. Mr. Fleishman, keep your finger embedded in Mr. Holcomb, while Nurse Carter cleans you up. Everyone, continue with your exam, but watch how Nurse Carter takes his job very seriously. He takes a wet paper towel and wipes the floor. As he kneels, he takes Mr. Fleishmans cock in his mouth and sucks the shaft with vigor. Mr. Fleishman will come in Nurse Carters mouth, and he will then be relaxed enough to continue the exam. It looks as if Mr. Fleishman has had an orgasm, and enjoyed the experience.

            Nurse Carter, now the rest of the class is in need of clean up. Mr. Wang seems to be leaking the most, so please see to him first. Mr. Fleishman, if you are calm enough, and can handle it, could you help out by following Nurse Carters example, with Mr. Roman. Yes, thats it. Kneel down. It is easier than you may think. Take his cock in your mouth and suck gently, to get the juices cleaned off. Now use a harder suction and move your head forward and back, using pressure from your tongue and roof of your mouth. Do not let your teeth scrape the delicate flesh. There! Wasnt that good? You both enjoyed yourselves, and can now get back to your exams.

            Nurse Carter not only uses his mouth to help me out, but has a very talented anus, as well. Please show the class your fabulous anus. While Nurse Carter is stripping, note that he is available by appointment to help with your homework. He can be examined thoroughly, day or night, except when I need him here in the school. Would one of you others like to examine the Nurse with your cock? Condoms are on the counter. Dont rush. Take turns, or use each other to relieve your aching tools. We need to get on with this class soon. Students on the exam tables, you can join in at any time. I know you have had a hard time being passive. Your erections are proof that you need to get some relaxation, so you have a clear head when you examine your partners.

            Mr. Buckingham, you have no partner. Oh, yes! Nurse Carter makes it nine instead of eight. Would you like me to help you out? I have a really big cock. Here, let me get out of my clothes, and you bend over the table. I will give you a really thorough anal exam with my special tool. Hold on tight!

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