Sunday, April 22, 2012


By Larry C. Kephart

Begun August 29, 2006

            It was damned hot in the neighborhood, but the time was just right. Not a car in sight for four houses to the right and four to the left, and on both sides of the street. All was clear for my approach to my prize house. I had watched the neighborhood for weeks, noting the patterns of the residents. I saw when they woke, when they ate, and most of all, when they left for work or shopping. I had gone to their doors, posing as a meter reader, a salesman, a charity worker and others, just to get a peek at the insides of each house.

            There were very valuable items in this one house. The owner had a very expensive car, and had lots of social events at the house, with a parade of societys elite in attendance. Today, it was all clear for me to walk up to the house un-noticed. The temperature must have been at least one hundred ten, in the shade. I was dripping with sweat from the humidity. I checked each window, to see if it was locked, or not. Bingo! I was inside on the second one. I had to wipe by forehead with my bandana mask. It was humid inside, as well as outside. The air conditioning was not running. I guess the guy was a cheapskate to get his wealth.

            Lucky for me, this house had no second floor. That meant no stairs to creak, as I climbed up to the bedrooms. That is where most people keep their money and jewelry. It is usually in plain sight on the dressers, or in the top drawers. Easy pickings for a pro like me. I carried small flat, zippered pouches to put the small valuables in. Then, I would stuff them inside my shirt, so that they didnt show, when I left the premises.

            As I approached the first bedroom, I heard a noise through a cracked door. It was a fan, running on high speed. I peeked into the narrow opening and saw a sleeping nude young man. It must be the son of the owner, back from college or something. I was mad at myself, as I had never seen him arrive at the house. He must have come home when I was gone to eat or use the restroom at a fast food restaurant, in the nearby shopping area.

            With the noise from the fan, I slowly opened the door, and crept inside. I was not going to let this pup keep me from my haul of the day. I had worked for a month or so, to get in here, and it was not to be wasted, now. I saw his open suitcase on the side table. It kind of shocked me to see that he had several dildos, some lube and various leather bondage items, as well as handcuffs on display. Wherever he was, when away, he learned a lot in his young lifetime.

            I found a pair of used briefs at the foot of the bed, and grabbed those and the handcuffs. The sleeping boy was on his left side, facing away from me. So far, he hadnt noticed my presence in the room. His right leg was bent forward, giving me a look at his beautiful round ass. He had a large set of balls that peeked out from the open space.

            His hole was fresh and pink, and seemed to wink at me. I instantly got hard, thinking that I would like to taste that little jewel, if I had the chance.

            I gently took his right wrist and silently clicked the cuff on it. Good. He didnt wake at all. I then straightened his right leg, and rolled him onto his stomach, so I could get at his left wrist. He slept soundly. Click, and it was done. Then the briefs went into his mouth. I had to stick my finger in, first to get it open. Then I stuffed the briefs in. The boy woke slowly, and realized what was happening. I took my bandana and tied it to cover his eyes, while I sat on his body to hold him down. I told him to calm down, and I would not hurt him. He tried to yell at me, but the briefs were keeping him muffled good.

            I reached for the leather bindings, and got his feet immobilized in the next few minutes. He was pretty helpless, and looked very pretty. A sheen of sweat glistened on his body from the daylight, streaming in from the window. He tried to get off the bed, and promptly fell on the floor at my feet. If his mouth wasnt full, he would be in a great position to lick my boots. His butt caught my attention again, as it was quivering while he thrashed about. The peach fuzz of hairs needed a good smack. I gave it to him, and told him to behave, or I would beat him senseless. He quieted down, like a good slave would.

            I helped him onto his feet, and placed him back on the bed. This time, he was on his back, with his hands behind him, cuffed securely. It was the first time I saw his cock. He must have been on the swim team, as his crotch was completely shaven. His cock was nine or ten inches, easily, and had a good heft, for a young guy. I also noticed that he was getting stiff. Speaking of stiff, my rod was at full mast, and leaking into my shorts. I had to let it free, or I would be in a lot of pain. I shucked my shoes and socks, then stripped completely. My clothes were wet with sweat, anyway, and the fan felt good on my naked skin.

            I introduced myself as his master. I told him I would remove the gag, if he promised to not yell out. He nodded that he would. I took the briefs, and smelled them. His body odor was still on them, and now his saliva. He had a clean smelling mouth. I asked him his name. He said Theodore, you asshole! I promptly slapped him, and told him to always call me Sir or Master, or the gag would go back in. Theodore meekly said Sorry, Sir. I asked him if he went by a nickname. He told me in college most of his friends called him Ted or Theo. I told him that his new master would now call him Teddy Boy.  He acknowledged by saying, Yes, Master.

      I see you have learned a bit about bondage, while in college. I told him. Did you do it with girlfriends, or boyfriends? I asked. Boyfriends. was his reply. Were you the binder or the bindee? I further inquired. Bindee, Sir. he sadly told me. Then let the party begin! I whispered close to his ear. He winced at my coming so close, as he felt my breath go into his ear canal, and tickle the hairs, therein.

            I tenderly gave him a kiss on his pink, pouting lips. They also quivered, as I pinched his cheeks with both hands, making them glow red.

            His skin was a bit pale, and when the blood rushed to the surface, it showed for a while. He had a slim build, but with some good musculature developed. He must have worked out or been very physical with his body, maybe on a sports team, or maybe in play with his boyfriends. That might even explain the shaved crotch, as his body was hairless, except for the top of his head. He had what most call a Buzz cut, which made his blond hair match the slick skin.

            Teddy Boy was mine to use and abuse for a short time. It was already three, and in an hour, his father would return from work. I had to get out before then. I started by rubbing his nipples in slow circles, causing some friction heat. His nubs responded by peaking high. I nibbled the right one, then the left, while running my hand down his abs to his hairless crotch and his raging hard cock. It was leaking a lot of pre-cum down the shaft, as it bobbed up against his belly. I licked the sweat from his pits, as best I could. They were blocked by his arms being bound against his sides. No hair in there, either. They tasted sweet and fresh as his mouth was. I licked down his torso, and lapped up the pre-cum, on and around his shaft. I sank the huge rod into my throat in one quick slurp.

            It was like being in a candy shop, with no limitations on how much you could eat. I was hot in more ways than one. My own shaft was being pumped by my free hand, as I was chowing down on my treat-meat. I was nearly choking on each down stroke onto his log, but got my throat to relax enough to take each pounding. I noticed his balls getting tight, and forced myself to let up. I wanted him to come on my command, not his own. Teddy Boy asked why I stopped. I did not respond, but just grabbed the dildo and lube from his suitcase. I lifted his bound legs over his head, and leaned on them with my left side and arm. I squeezed some lube onto my right index finger, and smoothed it onto his pucker, going in slow circles. It twitched and pushed out, like I thought it would.

            The dildo was one of those double-dong styles, about 12 inches long, and an inch and a half in diameter. I lubed the tip with a small amount. I wanted some friction as it worked its magic on his prostate gland. I gripped it in the middle with my whole hand, and pushed the tip in pretty fast. Teddy Boy jumped and squirmed, trying to get away. I had him held down with my body weight. I then pulled it out as fast as I had pushed in. He sighed. I then jammed it back in, even farther, twisting the invader as I went. He cried out, It hurts, Master! I told him, Its your dildo. You should be used to it by now. I kept ramming it in and out, rubbing the tip against his prostate, over and over.

            I finally stopped, and put my throbber in the dildos place. It was hot and slick, but still tight as any hole I have ever plugged. Teddy Boy was a pro at taking dick. I thrust into him about eight times before I blew a huge wad into my new boy-slave. After my climax subsided, I replace my dick with the whole length of the dildo and let his legs back down onto the bed. His cock was straining in its skin. I placed my lips over the head, and stroked him off. He came with a great blast that almost choked me. I managed to get my throat to swallow the goo as fast as it came. It came for what seemed like an eternity. God, I love young spunk. It took a few minutes for his cock to deflate and lay back down onto his flat stomach.

            The next thing I knew, I was in a headlock, with my arms pinned beneath me. It must have been Teds father, back from work early. I struggled, and was overpowered by his huge frame. He had more strength than I had judged from seeing him at the door on my investigational visit. He found another set of handcuffs in the suitcase, and quickly had them in place on my wrists. He sat on me and bound my feet, as I had his son. I shouted at him to let me go. Teds dad just laughed at me and said, After what you just did to my son? You are going to get the same treatment and more! He slapped my face hard! He still sat on me as he released Theodore from his bindings. Theodore grabbed my underwear and stuffed them into my mouth. He then went to his suitcase and pulled out a big wooden paddle with holes drilled into it. My eyes got very wide, as I knew what was to happen to his former Master.

            Whack! Whack! Whack! The board came down hard on my bare butt. It stung and burned like nothing I had ever had from my school Principal, as a kid. Whoosh sounds came before the paddle hit each time, causing a bit of a breeze, but it was not a cool breeze. My buns were cooking, and there was nothing I could do about it, except to try to scream into my underwear. Teds dad found a large butt plug, and halted the paddling, long enough to insert the device, without lubrication. Then the paddling commenced. Tears were flowing from my eyes, soaking the pillow beneath me. I tried to cover my butt with my handcuffed hands, but they just got whacked, too. I did not need broken fingers, as well as a roasted butt, so I moved them up, out of the way.

            Theodores arm got tired, and he stopped and set the pledge paddle on the floor. He and his dad turned me over. My fried ass stung against the sweat-soaked sheets. My former slave got some clothespins and attached several to each nipple, and then made a line down my belly to my crotch. I was very hairy there, and he stopped about an inch away from the fur. He went to the bathroom and got his razor. He bent down and dry-shaved my entire crotch area clean, including the balls. He first had to pull them from within my bound legs. It hurt, as he had to pinch the skin to get a grip. Pop, and one ball was free. The other took some more pinching to get it from the tight space between my captive legs. Dad then pushed my bound feet towards my knees, spreading my legs apart. Why didnt they do that to get the balls out?

            My feet were lifted over my head and locked behind my neck. Now, my entire ass was exposed to the razor. Ted cleaned my asshole and surrounding area with professional skill. The butt plug was still in place, but that only made my hole stretched out. He never nicked me, even once. The cold blade grazed the redness of my beaten buns, and again it was massive pain. My cock and balls were now also exposed between my spread out legs. More clothespins were painfully placed along the shaft and balls, entirely covering each. I was in so much pain that I became excited and shot all over my stomach. The clothespins on my belly were sticky and slick. Slowly, Ted and his dad removed the pins from my balls and cock. They then let my feet return to the bed. The remaining clothespins were also taken off, one by one. I was hot, sweat, exhausted and spent.

            Theodore asked me, Well, Uncle Bill, how was your fantasy? Did dad and I do a good job for you? I told them that I was really impressed that they both were excellent. I said we should all take a nice cool shower, and I would take them out for steak and lobster at the best restaurant in town. We did just that, and planned the next fantasy.

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