Sunday, June 3, 2012


By Larry C. Kephart

Begun September 2, 2006

            Ome is my flight partner and lover. He and I have been training for a year long mission at the newest space station, named Horizon One. My name is Astron, and since 2143 we have been getting used to the weightlessness of space in a simulator capsule. The A.S.S. (Aeronautical Space Service) has chosen only male couples to become space explorers, as they can work together without getting on each others nerves.

It has long been established in 2012 that Gay couples, both male and female, were not only acceptable in society, but also absolutely necessary. The world was becoming over-populated. Gays were the only ones that did not produce offspring. Resources were becoming very scarce, and this was the logical solution. Sex between heterosexuals was not outlawed, but carefully controlled. Gay citizens were free to follow any form of sex that did not involve conception.

A.S.S. had chosen Ome and me because of our superior physical makeup. We were both very muscular and strong, due to precise genetic alignment. Our intelligence exceeded all other applicants to the program. We were emotionally stabile, and had an immediate attraction for each other.

Ome is a beautiful dark brown color, from a mixture of African and Hawaiian ancestry. His skin has a luster, like a polished marble statue. He is without body hair, except for the waves of silver on his head. Ome is just twenty cycles in age, but he has been my partner for one and a half cycles, so far.

I have a lighter skin tone from my heritage of Apache, Irish and Jamaican genes. My hair is mostly black, with some orange highlights at the tips. This gives me a shiny look from a distance. I have a light covering of hairs on my arms, legs and chest. I was told it was like an extinct fruit called the peachfuz. Ome likes the feel of it, as he rubs his nose in it often. My eyes are green and set in a chiseled face. I have no facial hair, except for my bushy eyebrows. I am a full head taller than Ome, being 2.75 meters. (8.5 ft.) I am a full twenty-two cycles in age.

We were not nervous at our lift-off. Magnetic propulsion had been perfected many cycles ago. Space exploration was no longer a tedious journey of long periods. We were at our destination in a week. A small planet in the Galeteus galaxy was to be tested for possible colonization as an outpost and re-fueling station for the A.S.S. fleet. Ome and I were to live there, to see if it was as habitable and friendly as speculation had shown.

Our ship glided into an open field of blue vegetation. There was a lake of purple water nearby. We ran our tests before opening the hatch. There seemed no dangers from the environment. The air was a little richer in oxygen, and so gave us a bit of a high when we finally left the ship. Ome was in front of me, and the slightly lower gravity made his butt cheeks bounce as he stepped.

I instantly got excited, and practically tackled him. We fell into the strange plants, which gave off an aroma that heightened our senses. I turned Ome over and started to remove his cod covering. It fell away, releasing his turgid pillar of manhood. Ome released my covering as well. I had never felt like this before. Sure I was attracted to Ome, and we had great sex all the time. This was something more. The aroma from the vegetation made both of us ultra-excited.

We could not resist the impulse to take each others cocks in our mouths. All thoughts of exploration went away. We only saw our taut bodies with super lust in our minds. My communicator went off; announcing the director of A.S.S was on the line. He asked me to make my initial report. I could only mumble with my mouth full. The robot camera was tracking our every movement. It was being broadcast to the worlds population as an historic moment. We were sucking each other on world broadcast.

The director was not displeased at our actions, it was widely accepted that sex was a wonderful thing. He was not pleased that I would not, or could not make an initial report on the landing. Ome and I were in a sexual frenzy. The strange aroma from the vegetation clouded our minds. We were all over each other, rolling one way, then the other. My cock went up his ass and then he filled mine. We were out of control, and could do nothing to stop. We didnt want to stop.

We were both getting exhausted when a hovering vehicle came up to us. We were suddenly immersed in a bubble. The lust dissipated after a few minutes. Our scientists had not detected any animal forms, but these looked like humanoids to Ome and me. They were a bluish silver color, and totally naked. Their genitalia was glowing a bright yellow. They transported us to a hidden city, underground. The robot camera followed us and showed the miraculous place. There were many flying sleds moving about. All of the citizens seemed to be male. We saw no females or children anywhere. We ended up at what looked like a palace or large government center.

We were released from the bubble in front of a larger version of the beings that brought us. He (assumed) spoke in our world dialect, saying that his planet had monitored our transmissions and probes for some time. We were welcome in their world, and would be treated well. He was the leader of this colony. There were sixteen others on his planet of Teluda. He was responsible for maintaining the population. He explained that they were indeed plant life, and so had a type of pollen to give for offspring. His name was Bulgus. He was raised under special conditions to become the larger version of his people. His pollen was special. He planted his pollen in each of the other citizens receptacles when they reached maturity.

You happened to land in the pleasure fields of our planet. Each citizen must go alone to that field to be filled with the urgency to procreate. He then is brought to me at his peak of lust and is filled with my pollen. Here is young Bleen. He is ripe for pollination. Please watch how it is done.

Ome and I watched Bleen approached Bulgus. He was walking as if in a trance. He bowed to Bulgus and turned around. He bent over, exposing his anus. It was glowing a red color, and pulsating wildly. He backed up onto Bulgus glowing cock, sitting down on the large shaft until he could no longer move down. Bulgus roared loudly, scaring Ome and me. Bleen was bred. He seemed to smile a bit as he lifted himself off of Bulgus lap. Bleen then turned around and bowed to Bulgus. His anus now was a bright green color. Little traces of the yellow pollen speckled the area. Bleen then left without a word.

Bulgus said that he and the citizens wanted to have the passion that he saw in Ome and me, out in the pleasure fields. Ome said that even though we loved each other and were passionate when making love, the fields made us out of control. We would have probably died of exhaustion, if not for being rescued by your people. We are here to learn about your planet. You can probably learn from us, while we are here. Ome was right. I contacted the head of A.S.S. and asked for permission to study with the people of the planet Teluda. It was granted. Emissaries were dispatched to establish diplomatic relations and trade agreements with the Teludians.

Ome and I had discovered that the Teludians had no concept of love and therefore had no idea what passion was. They relied on the pleasure fields to give them the urgency to mate. Ome and I gave basic lessons to small groups of citizens. Ome said to watch Astron feel my skin. I ran my fingers lightly along Omes neck. He shuddered. I traced down his body to his nipples. They became erect. I bent down and licked them. His cock swelled with blood. The citizens did not get it. They tried what they saw, but there was no feeling expressed.

Ome and I decided to try it on the citizens. We each chose one citizen and tried out the touching on their skins. They finally got a sample of caressing. They were used to avoiding touching, as it was non-productive to the colony. My student got an immediate erection, and spurted his pollen all over me. It tasted sweet, like the apple paste in our food stores. He thanked me and went out to try it on another citizen. Ome had a similar experience, when he licked the anus of his citizen. He also exploded his pollen into the room. The students were getting excited. They seemed to swarm at each other, some coming at Ome and me. It turned out to be a huge orgy, with pollen flying everywhere.

Bulgus was very happy to see his people enjoying pollination. He said that the history of Teluda spoke of feelings, but never explained how they were achieved. Ome was the first of us to see what that pollen does on humans. He gave birth to a little blue seed. It was planted in the soil and incubated there for about six weeks. Sprout, as he was called was the first human/Teludian cross breed.

He grew to be an example of true feelings. His skin was sensitive to touch, and his cock was a large version of Ome. It did not glow, except when he was about to pollinate. We had saved the Teludians from boredom and created a new species in the process. We stayed there for more than five cycles before returning to earth.

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