Sunday, June 3, 2012


By Larry C. Kephart

Begun August 31, 2006

            My name is Wink Powers. My mother named me Wink, as she said it was a wink from my fathers eye that got me started in her womb. Dad was a Colonel in the Marine Corps, stationed at Camp Pendleton, California, in Orange County. Colonel Powers and mom met at a bar in Oceanside, and after a few months of dating, they got married. I was born just ten months after that.

            Dad was in charge of keeping the troops fit and trained in combat, so he was out supervising the marches, weapons training and physical fitness schedules. He also worked out at the bases officers gym. He had big, firm muscles, which I got to see from time to time, when he went from his bedroom to the bathroom. He was not shy at all about walking around naked in front of me. Little did he know that I saluted him many times, as I turned my back and went to my room after a viewing.

            When I was fourteen, mom had had enough of the military attitude from my father. She also disapproved of his waving his big dick at her in my presence. She said it would give me a complex that would mess me up for the rest of my life. I dont know about being messed up, but it did give me a complex. She moved out and divorced dad for emotional distress. She now lives with another Marine enlisted man, who is much younger, and makes a lot less money. Dad said that as long as she is happy, it didnt matter much to him. He managed to bring me up with military discipline. I graduated from Oceanside High, and enlisted in the Marine Corps, making dad very proud of me.

            I went to Boot Camp in San Diego MCRD (Marine Corps Recruit Depot), and had very little trouble getting with the program, because of my home life situation. I was now surrounded by young kids, who were a range from mamas boys to gung-ho want-to-be killers. There were skinny runts, chubbies, Varsity hunks and punks. Some guys had muscles and many were weaklings.

            In the showers, I checked out my competition in the genitals department. Even the skinny weaklings had some nice equipment. I especially took a liking to recruit Wilson. He was one of the mamas boys, but his dick was a real mans. It was very thick and long. I forgot to mention that he was black. In the Marines, color of skin does not matter. Getting the job done does. Wilson just happened to be one of the black recruits. He had a soft, gentle face, with trembling lips that puckered when he strained at the physical abuse we all were subject to. After two weeks, we were all broken down by the drill instructors (DIs) and were starting to be built back up. The skinny guys beefed up and the chubbies slimmed down. All got muscles they didnt know they even had.

            Wilson was shaping up nicely. One night, I heard soft crying from his direction. I crept out of my bunk and went over to where I heard the sounds. Wilson was, indeed, crying. He said he wished he had never joined the service at all. He missed home so much. I put my hands on his shoulders and lifted him to my chest. I told him that if he could be brave and stick it out, I would take him out for a good time, after graduation. He said he would try, and that I was a good friend.

            After out fifth week, I needed to go to the latrine, late a night. Something I ate was causing a rumbling in my bowels. I got to the toilet just in time, and let go. I was very relieved, and was wiping myself, when Wilson came in. He saw me, and came over to where I was. There are no partitions between the rows of toilets, so no one was to be embarrassed by the sight of another naked recruit on the pot.

            Wilson said that he could not stand it any longer. He was surrounded by all these men, and could not even jerk off without someone hearing or seeing him. He said that he needed relief badly. This was the only place he could go, and only late at night. He said he was sorry that he had to wank himself off, or he could not get any sleep. I said that I understood his young male hormones could be very powerful.

            I gave him a wink, and said that I just dumped a big load, and felt kind of horny myself. I asked him if he minded if I joined him in a quick jerk? Wilson said that he was glad that I understood, but he had to make it quick, before the guards came around to stick their noses in the latrine. Wilson pulled out his huge rod, which became even larger in his hands. It took both hands to circle the monster. My mouth dropped at the sheer size of it. My cock started rising out of lust for this pole, just inches from my mouth. I grabbed my cock with my right hand, and reached over to Wilsons with my left. He started to pull back, but moaned at my touch. He quickly let me pull him to my waiting gullet.

            Wilson had a foreskin, but with the volume of his shaft, the head was mostly uncovered. I lapped the oozing pre-cum with my tongue. It tasted salty, and just a little bitter, but I could not resist it. I opened my mouth as wide as I could and pushed my head forward to take a good six inches. I opened my eyes and saw that I was only half the way to Wilsons pubes. I pushed again, and felt my throat fill up. I started to gag, and pulled back for a second. I took a deep breath and lunged forward. My nose was now being tickled by his curly short hairs.

            Wilson let out a big sigh, trying not to make too much noise, as he came down my throat. I pulled back to about half way, and got the second blast at the back of my throat. Pulling back another inch, I got the third on my tongue. I tasted the rich flavor and creamy texture as I swallowed. He finally quit coming after at least six spurts. I had come all over my hand, without even realizing it. We washed and got our shorts in order and headed back to our bunks without a word. Wilson never spoke of that night, until after we all graduated with out platoon. Wilson was the most improved, and got his promotion to Private First Class. He got a set of dress blues as his award.

            His family was not there at the ceremonies, because of car troubles. He came from a poor family, and the vehicle just gave out before they could even leave the driveway. I felt so bad for him. He managed to call them and found out about the situation. He lived in Texas, and was too far away to get home. I invited him to stay with me and my dad, at our place. Dad was proud that I graduated in the top five in the platoon, but was disappointed that I didnt win the dress blues. We, of course, had to salute him, as he was an officer. We had been trained to always salute superiors. I told dad that my best buddy in Boot Camp was Wilson, and he had made it, with my help.

            That was OK with dad, as the Marine Corps credo is Semper Fidelis or Always Faithful. If Wilson is your buddy, he is welcome in our home. We packed our duffle bags with all our gear and joined my dad at the car. It was a short drive to our home off base in Oceanside. Dad had bought a large ranch style home, right near the beach. When I was growing up, he would take me running along the beach for hours, to build my leg muscles and stamina.

            Now, Wilson and I could relax and swim in the Pacific. He had never seen the ocean before, as his home was in the middle of Texas, and he had never even seen the Gulf of Mexico before. He was not a good swimmer, but he did like splashing around in the surf. His bright red Marine Corps shorts showed his cock bouncing in the wet material, as he romped about.

            Dad was at work on base, and so we had the house to ourselves. When we got back from the beach, I reminded Wilson that I had promised to show him a good time after graduation. I told him That time is now! I took my beach towel and wrapped it around his shoulders, trapping him. I pulled him to me, chest to chest, and kissed him tenderly on his rosy lips. He was a little surprised, but he kissed me back. His tongue searched my mouth and found mine. My tongue wrestled with his, going back and forth from mouth to mouth. I slipped my hands beneath his waistband and peeled the shorts down to reveal his manhood. I dropped the towel in that effort, and grabbed his thick tool and led him to the shower. We had to get the sand out of his foreskin before my plans could take shape.

            The shower was a large tiled area, reminiscent of the Boot Camp showers, except they were wood with concrete floors and had about twenty showerheads. I adjusted the water to a comfortable temperature, and grabbed the washcloth. I soaped up Wilson from head to foot, taking special care of his foreskin. I got all the salt and sand off his body and even shampooed his hair with an herbal aroma shampoo. Wilson said, “I have never had anybody take care of me like this. Its as if you are my slave.  I told him,“If you want it that way, it can be.  Wilson said, I love you, and want to treat you as an equal, but we can always play Master/Slave anytime you want to. We can even switch roles. Right now, I want to wash you with the same care as you gave me.

            Wilson took his time and gave great care with all parts of my body. He washed my stiff cock with the soapy cloth, and then stroked it with his large hand. He was behind me, and my soapy back was slick against his chest and abdominals. His big black magic wand was rubbing in the crack of my ass. My ass was hungry for his big black magic wand, too. I pushed back letting the log slip between my legs, stimulating him to a more rigid state.


             Wilson nibbled my ear and then stuck his tongue in it, creating a shiver of lust throughout my body. I almost collapsed. If he hadnt been holding me, I would have. We finally finished our foreplay and rinsed off. We toweled each other dry and proceeded to my bedroom. We walked down the hall naked, as my dad would have. Wilsons cock tickled my backside all the way.

            I lay Wilson on my bed, facing the ceiling. I knelt beside him and took his brown log into my mouth. I teased his foreskin, as I had in the latrine. This time, I took it slow, to enjoy the velvety skin and throbbing pulses of his veins, as they massaged my orifice. Wilson reached down and took hold of my eight incher and caressed it to fullness.

            Wilson said, I want to taste you, too, Wink! He continued, Ive never tasted another human before, and I want to taste you. He told me, In Texas, it was not good to be found out as a gay man. People will kill you and make it look like an accident. And then he said, Im glad I met you in Boot Camp. It was love at first sight, with you near me.

Then Wilson took my cock in his mouth and started gently sucking the head, as I had done to him my first time. It felt so great having his warm mouth caressing me to even fuller hardness. I told him to try not to scrape me with his teeth. He was a fast learner. His mouth was larger than it looked from the outside. His lips were not overly large, but they had some muscles in them that rubbed my skin flute to sing a symphony.

 Wilson was enjoying his first cock immensely and became a pro in a very short while. We were both about ready to come, when we heard a noise at the door. It was like someone was obviously clearing their throat. Ah-hem! was heard again. Wilson and I looked and saw my dad in the doorway, with a scowl on his face.

At attention, Privates! he barked. Wilson and I scrambled from the bed as fast as we could, and stood at attention, our cocks saluting for us. Dad stifled a chuckle, and said, Prepare for inspection, men! We didnt know what to do to prepare for inspection, so we just put our shoulders back and stuck out our chests. We were scared shitless of what dad had in mind for us. About face! Dad called out. We turned and faced the bed, away from my dads direction. Parade rest! He snapped.

We obeyed the command, and spread our feet and locked our hands behind the smalls of our backs. Dad slowly came up behind us, peering at our naked bodies from every angle. We were both sweating bullets for about five minutes of glaring eyes. Dad even took his finger and took a sample of the dick cream dripping from each of our dicks. We didn’t know it at the time, but he put his finger in his mouth to taste our loads.

Attention! he finally shouted at us. We snapped to rigid attention, our cocks now withering from fright. Sarcastically, dad said, Now bend over for asshole inspection. Wilson and I both gulped involuntarily and bent over, resting our forearms on the mattress. Our legs still locked together at attention. Dad bent over to look at our assholes. He spread Wilson first, with his hands, and stuck his finger in the tight opening. Wilson winced, but finally relaxed enough to take it up to dads second knuckle. Dad removed his finger and smelled it. He then pried my cheeks apart, and stuck his other finger in my hole, then smelled it.

Dad then surprised us and barked out, Attention! and About Face! When we were facing my dad, he had a big grin on his face. He said, in a gentle, almost tender voice, You boys are both still virgins! Then he said, Ill have to fix that right here and now. Dad laughed and said, Both of you can relax, now. I was just having some fun with the two of you. Come and join me in MY bedroom. He invited.

Wilson and I almost collapsed from the shock, as we looked at each other. We soon followed dad to his bedroom, where he was stripping off his uniform. It had been months since I had seen him naked. He was as big and muscular as I remembered him, but now, he had a glow about him. He was opening his military footlocker, which I had never seen open in my life.

He brought out a picture of himself with another officer, arm in arm. This is Jimbo. Dad said. He and I went to Boot Camp together, and met by chance in the latrine. I was flogging my log, and he had come to do the same. We jacked off together, and then ate each others cream. We have been together, secretly, ever since.

Dad surprised me with the confession, and he continued, You two must have become fuck buddies much the same way. I had a feeling you were looking at me in a lustful way, since your mother left us, Wink. I figured if you were gay, it would relax the way we lived, when we were in the house. If not, you would find some girl and get married, and be out of the house most of the time anyway. Then Jimbo and I could play uninhibited. Either way, we both would be happy.

I rushed over to my dad and put my arms around his neck. I hugged him with all the strength that I could. He just grabbed me around my back and hugged harder, almost crushing the wind out of me. Wilson started to cry, and said, This is the most beautiful thing I have ever seen! Dad and I opened one of our arms and brought Wilson into the hugging embrace. We all kissed each other over and over again.

Now, since we are all comfortable with each other, lets say we get more informal and go by first names. My name is Henry. You know Wink. Dad said. What is your first name, Private First Class, Wilson? He inquired of my friend and lover. Yes! What IS your first name? I asked. I have been calling you Wilson, since we first met. Wilson just replied, Nod. He said it was a name his mama gave him, because of the nod his father gave her, that proceeded to give me life.

Dad just let out a bellow and said, Ive got a Wink and a Nod, so I MUST be Santa Clause! Then he said in a loud, deep voice, Ho-Ho-Ho! Merry Christmas! Dad broke our embrace and went over to the closet. He produced a rather large, flat box and handed it to me. I kissed him and opened the box. Inside was an entire set of Dress Blues, with Private First Class rank sewn on the sleeves. He said, Now Ive got a matching set, somewhat!

Now, lets take care of that virgin status, men. He commanded. Prepare for maneuvers. He added. And we did just that, until the next morning. We all took turns de-virginizing our asses. We were later joined by Major Jimbo The Elephant Harper.

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